Code of Conduct

East Brighton ABC endeavours to run as a place where members respect one another and conduct themselves in a non-discriminatory manner.


  • All members must adhere to the rules and display high standards of behavior


  • Promote fair play and behave within the spirit of the Laws of the Boxing.


  • Never engage in insulting or abusive language or behavior.


  • Never engage in offensive behavior relating to race, religion, age, gender, and sexual orientation.


  • Never undermine the authority of East Brighton ABC Boxing staff.


  • It will be deemed inappropriate to abuse, harass or intimidate any member of East Brighton ABC or the East Brighton ABC staff.


  • Always respect the match officials' decisions.


  • Use of illegal or banned substances to enhance performance will result in an automatic ban.


  • Do not recklessly cause damage to the club’s or another person's property.


  • There is to be no consumption of alcohol prior to taking part in activities.


  • Sparring rules and regulations:


  • Under no circumstances will sparring take place if a member has not been certified as allowed to spar by an East Brighton ABC Coach.


  • Members of East Brighton ABC are only permitted to spar once certified by an East Brighton ABC Coach and under the supervision of a Coach.


  • Members of East Brighton ABC undertake sparring with the knowledge that there is a risk of injury.


  • Gloves must be worn at all times during sparring.


  • Head and mouth guards must be worn at all times during sparring.


  • Any member undertaking sparring must do so in a responsible manner and must ensure that they do not take advantage of a partner who may have less experience.



Inability to follow the Code may result in disciplinary proceedings including the termination of a membership.

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