Local Shows - 2017/18

Date Club Division
September 2017    
16th  Pound 4 Pound Hampshire
16th Hillcrest Sussex
30th Aylesham Kent
October 2017    
1st  Turners BA / Association Finals Novices Surrey
7th Golden Ring Hampshire
12th  Titchfield Hampshire
13th  Poseidon Hampshire
14th  West Kingsdown Kent
28th Sevenoaks Kent
29th Tenderton Kent
November 2017    
4th Waterlooville Hampshire
10th  Titchfiled Hampshire 
11th Hornets Kent
11th Stacey Hampshire
17th GYM01 Hampshire
17th  St Marys Kent
18th  HOP Hampshire
18th Horsham Sussex
18th Gosport ABC Hampshire
24th Golden Ring Hampshire
25th Bexhill Sussex
25th Leigh Park Hampshire
25th  Rumbles Kent
30th Rep Match Sussex v Hampshire Butlins
December 2017    
2nd Pound 4 Pound Hampshire
7th West kingsdown Kent
9th Coopers Boys Hampshire
16th  Sandwich Kent
16th  Eastbourne Sussex
January 2018    
20th Pound 4 Pound Hampshire
27th Golden Ring Hampshire
February 2018    
3rd HOP Hampshire
3rd Hornets Kent
17th Poseidon Hampshire
23rd GYM01 Hampshire
23rd  Ramsgate Kent
24th  Golden Ring Hampshire
March 2017    
2nd Gosport Hampshire
3rd Leigh Park Hampshire
8th Titchfield Hampshire
9th Battlebridge Sussex
17th  Pound 4 Pound Hampshire
24th Golden Ring Hampshire
April 2018    
7th Stacey Hampshire
14th Poseidon Hampshire
21st Gosport Hampshire
27th Brighton & Hove Sussex
28th Leigh Park Hampshire
May 2018    
5th HOP Hampshire
12th Pound 4 Pound Hampshire
12th  Hastings Westhill Sussex
12th Tenderton Kent
19th Gosport Hampshire
19th Hornets Kent
26th Golden Ring Hampshire

•Shows that East Brighton ABC are boxing on will be in bold and larger font size

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