Becoming a Carded Boxer

Joining a boxing gym can be seen as the easy bit, but becoming a carded ABA boxer, now thats a diffent kettle of fish. Boxing is a serious sport and takes a lot of dedication and commitment if you want to get results. East Brighton ABC will support its carded boxers fully but it needs to have deadication in return. All carded boxers are expected to attend the 2 sessions per week, plus all boxers are expected to do their own roadwork (running) outside of gym hours.  

What's the costs and requirements to become a carded boxer:


Register as a Boxer on The Vault

  • Fill in the membership form on The Vault (website below)
  • Provide a photocopy of Driving Licence OR Birth Certificate OR Passport (hand into a coach)
    (juniors need to provide the original version of their passport or birth certificate that will be sent off to EB)
  • Provide a recent Passport Size Photo (hand into a coach)


Fee to become a registered carded boxer - £11 per season (This is paid for by the boxer on The Vault)


The Vault Website:   (Region: Southern Counties)


This information will then go to the Sussex ABA and a boxing card will be issued and posted out to the boxing gym.


The next step is to get a medical from a ABA registered doctor (information on how to do this will be provided by one of the coaches)


Medical Costs

  • Fee to gain a medical - £25 for first medical / £15 for a re-medical (needed at the beginning of each season for existing boxers)


Once the doctor has carried out the medical and you are cleared as 'fit to box' it gets sent back to Sussex ABA and they will verify the card and put an approval sticker onto the card. No boxer will be able to box on any ABA shows until they have their boxing card with an approved sticker inside it.


The whole process can take up to one month to complete.


Other Costs

All carded boxers need to box in a East Brighton ABC boxing vest - ask coach about this


Boxers are expected to provide their own:

•Boxing shorts (must be black with white strip)

•Boxing Boots



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